unmute doesn't unmute?

Hey all, something I have noticed on n-track v6 lately is that sometimes when i am playing back a song with a track muted, if I “un-mute” the track it isn’t audible (doesn’t unmute). but then if I stop the playback and hit play again, the track in question is there in the mix as it should be.

more of an annoyance than anything, and this hasn’t happened to me in the previous 12 months of using n-track v6, that is this is a recent phenomena.

an ideas on what could be causing this??

There are at least 4 locations to mute a track. The channel mixing strip, the track itself, right click on the track and mute from the drop down and the track controls on the right, I also think you can mute a track from the track properties window, that would make 5 locations. Do all the mute locations do this?
How many tracks are in your project? A large number of tracks might cause a delay.

I noticed during mixing with songs that had 24+tracks that soloing a track and then un-soloing a track while playing would cause a delay in the audio returning and in some cases even stop playing altogether. That was V6. I did notice this as well with muting but only a slight delay in the audio returning was the only issue. To avoid issue I would simply hit stop, mute or solo and the hit play, then stop when done.

Earlier versions of n-Track would crash, send my audio into an endless loop at full volume and force a reboot if I attempted to solo/un-solo during playback. Things have improved since then, perhaps more work is needed to address the issue.