Update on my studio

The plans have passed the planning department with minor redline corrections. The builder is going to give me a firm estimate & then we’ll proceed.

Bubba - have you ordered insulation from that site you gave me.

Mr Soul

Don’t forget the pictures when the work starts! :;):

Will do.

I want to get a new workstation if possible. Musician’s Friend has a Producer’s Station for around $500. I also like the Anthro Cart’s but they are probably more expensive.

Anyone have any suggestions on this? I want something that can hold a keyboard, computer, etc.


Mr Soul

I found this in another forum, looked compact and conveinent.

Everything just seems to fit in perfectlly, like the out of the way monitors as well.


You could always custom build your workstation. That way everything will fit properly.

good luck,


Jerm - thanks for the pic. I think the monitors are on separate stands though, and I want my (piano) keyboard to be on it also, which is why I like the Musician’s Friend workstation.

Dr Guitar - I could build one but I’m conciously trying to reduce the other projects I get into, so I can play & record more. Building a workstation would be rewarding but I want to PLAY. ???

Mr Soul

hmm, custom desk, something I’ve always toyed with, vs the need to keep my rig portable…

You won’t order insulation from that site. They are simply a manufacturer. You will most likely want to find a distributor for that company in your area and go through them.

Got my permit today! I’ve got almost $1,500 in permit fees and I still owe the contractor for drawing up the plans. I’ve got 6 months to build.

3/7/2005 - met w/ the contractor yesterday & went over the preliminary contract. We hope to sign today or tomorrow. We’re going to look into that acoustic insulation & if we can find it, we’ll use it, otherwise we’ll use conventional insulation.