Upgrade codes for 3.3 to 4.x

I think I have them

Hello people,

Stupid question here that is down to my bad memory and perhaps a little bit of paranoia about upgrading.

I have registered 3.3 and did so in the period that allows free upgrade to version 4. I still have the original mail with the codes from Flavio, but have a strong feeling that I had a separate mail with codes specifically for upgrade to 4. It’s not like me to delete any mail at all that relates to an online purchase… but I can’t shake the feeling that I read I am supposed to use separate codes.

Is it the same set of codes I used to register 3.3 that will be needed when I upgrade? Am I just completely imagining that I saw separate codes for an upgrade?

I know I can mail Flavio if I need to, and I still have payment confirmation from Digibuy so there’s no problem if that becomes necessary; I know that will take a day or two though so thought I would see if people can make sense of my query here first.

I should probably really lay off the heavy weekends partying to stop this kind of memory lapse being a problem.



Yeah you should have gotten a separate email with codes for version 4. They are different than 3.3’s.
If you have lost them or it has been found that those codes you where issued are circulating among pirates (later builds will likely have them disabled) … an email to Flavio may be your only resort.

When I registered N-track in late June, I received one email with both the 3.x and 4.x codes in it. And yes, like crankz1 says, the codes for 3.x are different from 4.x.


Thank you for confirming my fears guys. I was really questioning my memory there. :O

I was all ready to send my mail to Flavio when I found an old mail on my old desktop PC and now I can make sense of it all.

I had problems with registration to begin with and was sent a second mail with codes for both versions.

I guess when I first registered codes were not yet being sent out for v4.

I searched every corner of my laptop for mails from Flavio, but I guess I downloaded that one before I was doing a very good job of synchronizing mail between both computers.

So now sweet salvation is mine (unless the upgrade goes wrong… but that’s a story for another day).

Cheers folks