Upgrade issues

From one version of 4 to the other

Ok here’s the scoop. I tried the direct support route, and found that Flavio must be amazingly busy right now. So instead I shall ask the community.

I upgraded to version of 4 with out the .net authoring, to the version with it. And suddenly the CPU usage that N-track required jumped astronomically.

I have a song, 15 tracks of 24 bit audio, with an average of 2 effects per track, and some effects on the master channel, that has a CPU usage somewhere around 15 to 30 percent with the first version of N-track 4.

I upgrade to the new build of V4 and suddenly, with the same song, my CPU gauge goes anywhere from 85 to 235 percent usage. That’s an amazing jump.

Anyone have a clue what’s going on. I’m blaming the .net authoring at the moment, but doubt that’s the problem.

Please feel free to ask about my computers configuration, I just don’t know what information is relevant… so ask away :)

There’s a a couple of different cpu usage scales in v4, or so I understand it. Try the other one and see what it says.

wooops… I forgot to mention, allong with the CPU usage jumping, there’s a “not buffered enough” sound that I didn’t get before. I can raise the buffer and that helps a bit, but I also use N-track for live synth usage, where delay is quite annoying.

I had the same CPU usage issues when going from build 1846 to anything after that (going from v4.05 to v4.1).

I haven’t tried the latest build for the last few months but the initial 4.1 builds I tried I was getting twice the CPU usage and pops and clicks from not having high enough buffers even though the same song and buffer settings worked fine under build 1846.

I’m sticking with build 1846 for while until I get a chance to try out the latest 4.1 properly.

Build 1846 i super stable for me.

P4 2.6Ghz
1G Ram


Thanks I’ll try to download that version untill flavio fixes what ever he did :)