upgrade of n-track, about box says 16 bit?

Since I upgraded to 4.0.4, and now to 4.0.5, it says 16 bit version in about box, despite putting in my key again. it said 24 bit before, which is what I have. however, I notice for playback settings, i can choose 24 bit.

so is it set at 24bit version or not?

It’s set to 24 bits, but you’ll probably have an organ sound added to any 24 bit mixdowns you do. Email Flavio to get the 24 bit key if that’s what you paid for. This problem has happened pretty often.

yeah, i did yesterday, but no response yet, and I have to hold off on recording until I get it:(

well, the key i used used to make it say 24bit, that’s what is confusing(until a few versions ago).

You say it may insert the organ sound. Can I start doing my song now, and as long as I get the correct key/fix by the end(before mixdown), I should be able to record ok?

Yep,you should be able to get started. I don’t think the organ happens until you mixdown. I suspect it will be obvious if 24 bit recording doesn’t work. :)

The 16 bit - 24 bit registration key problem isn’t with the key itself. I have 24 bit keys and after many upgrades to new builds one upgrade out of the blue started adding the organ sound in 24 bit mixdowns. Usually I usually do 16 bit mixdowns for daily mixes - those never had a problem – so I don’t know when is slipped in. In any case Flavio sent me some special steps to fix it…worked like a charm. My original 24 bit registry key worked after that.

ok, i tried a later version of the key i had, and it says 24bit