Upgrade or re-install of 2.2 and Win 98SE

Poor sound and tracks out of sync!

I have been using 2.2 for several years with no real problems, but lately my whole system is suffering from old age.
Now the tracks are not playing back in sync and often sound is distorted.
I want to re-install Win 98 and n-track 2.2.?
Can I get a fresh copy of 2.2?
Does anyone know the name of the installation file, I can’t seem to find mine.
I also have the compressor and eq plug-ins which I paid money for.
Where would this stuff hide / reside?
I still can’t figure out how much the cost of upgrade is.
Do the plug ins cost extra?
Also, I noticed the option for 24 bit is on the list under track propertys, I do not have 24 bit sound card but does this version support 24 bit?
Any help would be great.

Hi Rhythmking:
What “Build” of v 2.2 are you useing? It should be in the “About” screen under, Help. of n-Track… My advise to you would be to progress to v3.3 build 1516…

I’m not sure if your codes will open that build though. Some one might know if that’s possible… If no one knows, write Flavio before you make the move…

Some one may even have the build you’re useing… in their collection…


Hi ,

I’ve got some old builds 727 and Ver 2.3 build 1102
I could e-mail you.

I sent a copy of my post to flavio and got a link to past builds as well as a new code. I am still not sure if I will be able to install the pulg-ins that I already paid for.
I am installing the new OS tonight!
Hope it works…
Thanks, James

Win 98SE is up and running, N-track 2.3 is up and running and as I suspected, no compressor and no EQ, so sad.
I paid for them and I should be able to use them.
Does anyone know a way to get them back online?
Thanks, James