Upgrade version


please i want to upgrade my version but it seems that i have to pays 139 $and not the difference between the basic and the one after…

Did somenone try to upgrade. Shall we pay all the amount?

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Please contact us at support@ntrack.com so that we can check which version you have already purchased. The link to upgrade is https://ntrack.com/upgrade


Ok thak you it is done. I have another question. Is n-track studio free for already suscribers who purchased the software? because when i douwloaded n-track for android, it seems that i have to pay for the extended version wich i already paid for.

Thik you for reply.

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I mean the application n-track studio 9 dowloaded on my phone!


the desktop (Windows and Mac) and the iOS and Android versions of n-Track are separate purchases, i.e. if you purchased on Windows and want to use on Android, you should purchase or subscribe to the Android version too. You can get the Android version for as low as $0.99 for one month.