upgrading from 3.3

how much whatdo i get!

ok,ive read and still am not sure ,i go from 3.3 to 4 for 29 bux,then i can go from 4 to 5? is that right? ??? :D

why yes you can,
thats right,from 3.3 to version 4 whatever for 29 bux,this also got me version 5 ,then ya can go 16 to 24 bit3.3 to 4 /5,for 43 bux,which i figured was a good deal,a heck of a deal,i been impressed with the newest version after have used 3.3 for a few years,but now i gotta go getta 24 bit soundcard,aw too bad huh> i hate spending money on me like this,kinda,:;): :D :p