Upload my sound file to MIDI

I recorded each tone of my Kalimba and want to upload to a MIDI file, assign each tone to a key, and play from MIDI keyboard. I understand I have to trim the wav file carefully at the head and tail.

How can I upload samples and assign to keyboard?

When I learn how to do this, I want to sample my Tongue Drum as well. I klnow already, I can create a note not originally found on the instrument, such as a half step between two existing notes.

n-track on Windows 11 PC
sound samples created with GoldWave


being able to use samples to create new instruments with n-Track Sampler is one of the new features of n-Track Studio 10. You can start creating a new instrument track selecting My instruments → Create new instrument from samples → Multilayer sampler. You can then drag and drop the audio file for each note to the corresponding note on the screen keyboard. We’ll be posting a tutorial video on how to do this in a few weeks.