Uploading a picture and Advitar

Quote: (sevenOfeleven @ Jan. 20 2009, 9:47 AM)

Ha - Hey Dub - PW hi-jacked your adveetar :laugh:

Actually, it's Daner's avatar... just tryin' to help a brother out and I get shot at. What's the world comin' to?


Too funny :laugh:
Nice shot PW


“He rode a blazing saddle!”

Thanks guys…I’m not sure If I like that picture now :p

Ithink My pirate look will get me more women

Now were all cowboys…I want one like Levis :)

So that was the problem …It was just too dam long?

Hey look at that guy…Where did that cowboy come from :)

Who IS that guy?!

I need my 3d glasses for that one. It follows you around when you shift
position. Daner is that you?

See I learnt somthing again…Thanks a ton guys for the help on that avatar
Now when I Get caught up on a few things around here,I’m going to try to write my own song… :) To go along with my new picture

You’ll have to do it in 5.1 surround to match the 3D picture… :p