USB Controler for NTrack

sliders/knobs and buttons

Just in case anyone is interested:
I have wanted to be able to adjust Ntrack with something other that a mouse and keyboard for sometime. I’ve tried a few rather expensive units that did not work. A few weeks ago I got a Korg Kontrol Usb controler. It works very well and cost about $60.00. The software is downloaded from the internet and after getting the programmable sliders, buttons and knobs (9 sets)and buttons for the transport section assigned the way I want I am able to run Ntrack with it very well. I have not figured out how to use it for envelopes, but otherwise I am very happy with it.

Wow. Nice one.

I use the Behringer BCR2000 Rotary Midi controller, more expensive than the Korg unit, no sliders. The Behringer BFC2000 has motorized slides, less buttons and is more expensive than the rotary unit. Is that the Korg NanoKontrol Desktop USB Midi Controller?


Yes. That is the full name. The have three nano units.