USB Mic Samson C01U

Using USB input to Record

I just bought a Samson C01U Mic that works in the USB far I’ve not been able to make it work. I have a Sound Blaster 24 bit card… I left the Audiow playback devices at WDM:SB Audigy 2. and I changed Audio recording devices to : WDM: Samson C01U then I get an

Error Message: Error opening wave input device. make sure that the sampling frequency and the recording format set in the dialog box that appears clicking on the Setting button on the recording vumeter are supported by the soundcard.

I think I’ve got it installed in the computer but does anyone know what I can do or check to get it to work with the system

does the samson have some control panel software where you can adjust the sampling rate and such? maybe the mic defaults to 16-bit/44.1Hz, and you still have n-track set to 24-bit?


Looking at the samson page:

16-bit sample resolution
Supports 8 kHz, 11.025 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 44.1 kHz, and 48 kHz sampling rates
USB low-power device - draws 26 mA => 130 mW. In suspend mode 0.3 mA => 1.5 mW.
Frequency response: 40 Hz to 18 kHz

it works with the standard windos xp drivers, BUT, if you want advanced control over ASIO and WDM, you need to download a software called soft-pre. It is here:


Thank you for that I did get that part working. I downloaded the part 2 with the advance setings but can’t get anything on it to work… the led’s don’t go up at all or nothing…

mmm…maybe time to test how good is the support at samson audio and write them?
while, look at their faq page maybe some tip.

thank you Trying that one too… mic is working just not with their program…

Are you running Win XP service pack 2? The applet won’t work otherwise.


I’m assuming that you have been recording at 24-bit in the past, since you have a 24-bit soundcard. Is that right?

Apparently, the Samson mic is only 16-bit. So, have you changed n-Track to record at 16 bits now instead of 24? You can do that by clicking on the little hammer icon on the Record meter.

Also, the Samson can only record at up to 48kHz, so make sure n-Track is set to 48kHz or 44.1kHz. You can do that under File -> Settings -> Preferences.

Sorry if this is an insultingly simple suggestion, but it’s good to make sure about the basics first.


That Mic was reveiwed this month in recording magazine (feb 2006). In the article it said that this mic will not work with any soft ware that requires a propietary audio driver.

I don’t think n-Track requires any proprietary drivers. It works with Delta 1010s, MOTUs, and my Sound Blaster 16! Although I’m not sure what proprietary driver would mean exactly. Aren’t most drivers “proprietary”?


I do not know that if all drivers are propietary. I am new to computer recording. The reveiwer of the article had some problems getting the the mic to work some soft ware that he was using. N track was not mentioned.

I love my Samson - it worked the first time I added it in (shows up in my file/settings/preferences/audio in device table) and records vocals nicely. And the convenience of bringing my laptop and one mike is unmatched. Of course I have not yet activated the little driver front panel I downloaded from Samson - I’m a bit afraid of ruining a good thing - especially withe some feedback about it ‘stretching’ the Samson tracks!

My real question is whether anyone has had success using two of these into one sound card, with each recording to a different track (for stereo recording). The music store I was going to buy the second one from thought there would be driver problems with multiple mikes…

Thanks for any experiences,


Answering my own question (and with an assist from Flavio I think) I am now running two CO1U’s at the same time into different tracks. Instant stereo! The Audio input device window allows you to select multiple devices from the ones in the list (use the CTRL key to select multiples). Works great!

Next to try is more than 2 mikes at a time. My goal is 4 total (I want to mike a quartet individually) but I see no reason why the program won’t handle it. Will be interesting to see what happens with the sync and lag…


Especially through a single hub or something similar.

My Samson C01U works just fine with n-Track. However, I’ve never been able to get their applet to work with any recording software. After installing it, I have to go back to a previous restore point before I can get any sound to work. As far as I can tell, their applet is complete crap. (My OS is XP with service pack 2).

I have the C01U mic as well, and it works fine, but I can’t seem to figure out how to monitor via headphones what is going thru the mic without resorting to “live” processing. Does anyone have a clue? I have checked the Windows volume control settings to no avail.