V6.0.1 beta

New Features

Hi Flavio that’s a lot of fixin and 9 new features! In Build 2401

Mixdown truncates beginning of mixdown wavs accounting for plugins latency [New feature]
I am wondering how “turncated” applies to the beginning of a wav or song?

This was an issue with some I believe:
Mixdown file length is now sample accurate, no longer adds silence to the end of the song

I’ll be happy to give it a roll.

The truncated thing is going to help me a lot - when switching between proggies I often have to move things around to account for latency from plugins. That is a really thoughtful feature. :agree:

The mixdown file would have some dead air added to the beginning of the file that was just about the same as the plug-in latency. I haven’t looked yet, but I assume the dead air is getting deleted (truncated) from the beginning.

This would be GREAT bug fix.

The symptom is to import a just created mixdown back into a song (that uses something like SIR that adds a lot of plug-in latency/compensation). The audio in teh mixdown could be delayed when compared to the original song audio. This is the bug that made having an audible click at the beginning of every mixdown to be 100% necessary when collaborating. We’d have to manually (visually and audibly) line up the ticks to keep shared tracks in sync. It was not a problem with the underlying original tracks, just the mixdown when there was any plug-in compensation.

The converse part is the the mixdown could have the end cut off a little. The workaround for that has been to add a bit of wave out past the song to trick n-Tracks into rendering a little more, and to have some dead air out there that wouldn’t be missed if truncated. An earlier fix would add some length to the mixdown.

There could still be an issue with trailing tails from effects but that’s a different problem.

I’m also assuming that the other part of this fix is to not add the extra length since it may not be necessary when the first part got fixed.

I’ll be a very happy camper with these two out of the way…if my assumptions are correct.


Thx for explaining that one! I’ve not used other programs, but have dealt with other latency problems in the past. Sounds like a big fix.