Ver 9 crashes after launch

Just installed ver 9. I’m a new user running Windows 10. The application seems to launch normally but as soon as I click on any command it crashes. Any suggestions?

Bob Solomon

I suggest you get your money back.

n-Track advertize 30 day money back garrantee, but I cannot find where to apply for money back.
Let me know when you find where, hopefully within 30 days.


please send a report with what specific action causes the crash to
If after the crash you get a box asking to fill in more info to send a crash report, please click the button and fill the form so that we can associate the crash dump with you.


If you want a refund please send a request using the Support link on the website or to

Denis…are you being sarcastic? or are you pessimistic about ntrack’s ability to resolve this? or have you experienced this yourself and are frustrated? What’s up with you?