Version 4 to 7 upgrade

Relearning this program to a higher vers

Greetings all,
6 or 7 years ago, I used version 4 and did a pretty good job mixing a few songs. I took a break and recently upgraded to version 7. Lots of changes. Everything looks great.

The way I record is this. I have a Boss BR-8 recording studio that I record vocals, guitar, and a drum track from an electric piano. The recordings output to Wav files. So with N-Track, I simply import Audio files, usually 8 or so layers.

Question… Are there any instructions/tips etc for this type of procedure? I have the fundamentals down such as importing, adding volume envelopes, adding effects, etc. But my first mix sounds a bit mushy and I am not sure how to fix it.

Is there a help file that explains how to remedy distortion, mushy sounds, etc. One of my songs sounds like the intonation is off. Sort of a waving sound.

Thanks in advance. I am very excited to be back working on N-Track and the newer version 7x.

I’m not familiar with the BR8. Are you saying that you are recording onto a cassette tape and then importing the wav file from the tape? If so I would think that could very easily affect the sound, particularly clearly… A loss of highs. If you can, I’d try recording directly into n-Track. I use 24 bit resolution (it gives you mor head room, and just stick with 41100 sample rate. I find changing into from higher rates is not worth the effort and can cause problems if the deterring doesn’t quite work. If you can, use the BR8 as an interface and record with ntrack. Compare the sound you get and see what you think. Hope this helps.

Hey Bax thanks for replying. The BR8 Boss Recording Studio, actually records to a disk. So it is digital. And my laptop computer that has N-Track loaded on is a bit basic. The Mic in and Headphones share one port. It just does not seem practical to record directly into my laptop. However, if it would REALLY make a big difference, I would figure out a way to do this.

But since it is digital, I think I am okay there with the sound quality from the BR8. I just need some basic instructions. For example, in the N-Track quick instructions it says to add some compression, Soft Knee I believe to the main track. Those are the kind of instructions and tips I am looking for.


OK. I presume the disk is recording at at least 16 by 41100. You mentioned that they are wav files so that is good. You still might improve things by changing the bit rate to 24, but that might not be worth it.
I use plug-ins from Isotope ( Ozone, Alloy 2 and and Nectar 2) to do a lot of my “sweetening.” I also have Sound Forge 11 which has a great number of plugins (including a nice mastering bundle from Isotope with is included with the software.
That being said, you can do a great deal with the built in plugins in N_Track. But there is No Magic bullet. Good speakers will help. (Christmas time is a good time to buy anything.) You can download some frequency charts from the Internet that will tell you what instruments are in what range. One problem is always that the human voice and the guitar are pretty much in the same range. Try cutting a bout 3 db on the guitar between 300 and 600. You might try boost in the vocal in the same range. Around 6000 there is a sweet spot that will at sparkle to the vocals. But unfortunately, you will have to experiment to see what helps for you. Use the EQ to look at the wave form and notice if you have what you have and compare it to someone else’s record that you like. Personally, I try to use EQ over compression all the time. Compression can just limit the frequency response while making it louder. There are a lot of articles on mixing on the internet. Check out the Tips and Trick on this site. has some good stuff.
Finally, is there a difference in what you hear when you play the disk in a player, and what you get playing it in N_Track? How are your speakers? Is the mic capable of recording the range you want. There is a lot of difference in Mics, and some mics are better for vocals. If you are working very close to the mic you have ( we are used to doing that with dynamic mics on stage) try backing off to 8 to 12 inchs and see if that helps by cutting down on the proximity effect that could be making things less muddy.

Thanks Bax. Lots of good info here. 6 or 7 years ago I made some very nice and clean recordings of cover songs with this same setup. Only I was on N-Track ver 4x. Well now we are recording some originals and to tell you the truth, I just plain forgot a lot of the tips and tricks I did back then.

And yeah, thanks for mentioning the speakers. Years ago I used high end head phones. I better put them back on… :slight_smile:

I’ve never intentionally messed with cutting and increasing of the frequencies, but it looks like it is time to learn how to do this.

Thank you

Just something to think about: You want the music to sound good to the people who are going to be listening to it. What are they going to be using - speakers, Headphones? One place I usually listen to a final (?) mix is in my car. Car Manufacturers go to a lot of trouble to make the sound systems sound good.
A good resource is

Thank you. That website you offered to me looks great.

Just as an FYI, after I panned the guitars into right and left speakers, and panned the 2 vocal tracks to right and left speakers, and added a bit of compression and echo to the main, it sounds great.

Thank you.

Hey so far so good. My recording sounds awesome.

I do have a question. I use an electric piano’s drum patterns and record them into a wav file. These recordings are okay but boring. I would love to add cymbal crashes and some tom toms.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a software add-on or anyway to add percussion to N-Track?


I don’t use the dorm plugin that comes with n-track, but I’ll bet it could give you what you want. You might have to do,some programming.