Version 9.5.268 don’t work with eq!

Forgive my sincerity, but this app annoys anyone. With each passing day he manages to get worse until he becomes unbearable. In the last update I thought it would improve something and it got much worse. Now I can’t use eq nor the 3D feature of eq. the app closes every time i enter it. I can’t believe they can’t test the app before uploading it to the appstore because these are very basic things that don’t work. And every update is the same crap, getting worse and worse. Sorry for the rant, but it’s difficult. How much will this be fixed??
iPhone 12 E iOS 14.7.1
IPad Pro M1 12.9 iPadOS 15.0

I’m really sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I tried to reproduce your crash, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to. Could you please send us the crash logs at the following address:

For locating and sending the crash logs, please refer to this video: iOS device logs - YouTube