Very silent in here?

Just wanted to say hi :slight_smile:

´m planning to use n-Track again on a more regularly basis like I did before switching to Pro Tools 10 years ago.

I simply miss the user interface and functionality of n-Track and the spirit I somehow felt when working with it.

I hope to see some of the “old faces” from year 2000 to 2006 when there really was a lot going on in here :slight_smile:

Im looking forward to work with the new versions of n-Track - and along with Pro Tools.

Kind regards

Hi :cool:


Been a supporter since the 3.0 days. I kept paying the upgrade tax even though I haven’t had the desire to record in years. I’m thinking about jumping back into the game soon. Right now I’m looking for a compatible interface - my ol’ Tascam US-122L and its drivers are not very stable on Win7 and/or the 64bit OS, not sure which? Besides, I’d like some better mic pres and more headphone amplification. The 122L is a bit lame on both.