video cards!

compatibility with n-track recording?

I’m sort of upgrading my amd athlon 1.1 mhz cpu and currently have a nvidia geforce mx 2 upgraded to 400 video card, would like more speed through another video card with 128 ram or more, 256? but I can leave well enough alone, any suggestions, tips, advice on compatibility issues with better video cards vs. recording fly


I have a geforce 4 128Mb and have had no problems.


I highly advise the radeon series by ati. The x800 is a powerhouse and most of the value cards are very powerful too! No problems or artifacts with n-track.


Tryin to do a little homework on this, I guess the price will dictate what I get, trying keep it under $70 if possible don’t need some of the bells and whistles, just faster memory. I appreciate the info guys. fly