Video Freezes and System Instability

Sorry if there are already posts on this. I searched as many ways as I could think of…

Here’s my problem:
I have lots of vertical white lines in my timeline window.
When I try to play, the audio plays with a few intermittent digital chirps and the track VU meters as well as the position cursor do not move at all.

Here’s my setup:
AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (2.0GHz)
2GB Ram
Nvidia Geforce7800 256MB
Presonus Firepod Interface
Soundblaster Audigy 2(though all Ntrack sound comes and goes through the firepod)
Windows XP SP2
Ntrack 5.0

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

By “white lines” do you mean some sort of interference? Or are you referring to the grid. If you are referring to the grid it can be turned off by clicking on the yellow grid/hash icon on the toolbar.

As for the stuttering you need to make sure your PC is optimised for audio and isn’t running any apps that are not needed. Things like virus scanners and “helper” apps that run in the toolbar may wake up every few seconds and try to do things thus stealing valuable CPU and disk cycles.

You may also need to increase your buffers a bit (in n-tracks Preferences). Failing that there may be a number of other (solvable) issues such as drivers etc.

Do a Google search for “XP audio optimisation” or similar to find resources on O/S optimisation.


I had a problem like this for a while, but mine would start to play after a few seconds.What version of N-track are you using.I have had some problems with instability with some of the builds,But have found a version of 4 that works well.

Go to

The site gives a list of tweaks to better your system for recording.
Hope this Helps

Thanks for the replies.

An update to the newest build and a fresh boot got me back in action.

Thanks for the note about the grid. That one’s been bugging me for some time. Guess I was looking in all the wrong places…

Excellent. Glad you got it sorted.

Happy tracking.