Video games and our kids future.

Are Violent Video Games Preparing Kids For The Apocalypse?

Brilliant! “How to save water by collecting the morning dew in human skulls” Love it!! :laugh:

what the hell is this?

i don’t think ‘WII sports’ is teaching me enough about a post-apocolyptic earth. especially the bowling.

It’s from Colorado’s own Onion. You never read an Onion ‘spoof’ newspaper? Guess it’s a Colorado thing. They be on the net though - funny stuff.

Deal with depression when the sun’s blocked out for 500 years, ROFLMBO!

Depression, I can’t believe it.

JDET - you played any of the Mario games yet on the WII? It’s insane!

I played the Mario Kart Poppa, wrists hurt after turning that stupid wheel thingy.

Mario Party 8 has some great games in it - worlds away from the original. Donkey Kong even shows up now and then. :laugh:

we have mariokart.
that’s about it besides what came with the machine.
i’m looking to get the tiger woods golf when i get some money.
that and the advertised sale $299 fender fretless jazz bass.
these things will probably take some time, as i’m still not back to work yet (hopefully two weeks from today, i’m supposed to get full clearance for activity from the surgeon).

I saw this today from my window.

Saw 3 kids, a 7 year old and 5 year old and a 3 year old.

The 7 year old was in a tree with a hockey stick using it as a sniper rifle.

The 3 and 5 year olds act as scouts with water guns walking out and away from the tree, then acting as if being shot they play dead, then re-spawning at the orders of the 7 year old back at the tree. Under the direct supervision and orders of the 7 year old, the 3 and 5 year old repeat this process over and over.

Is there anything wrong with this picture? I don’t think there is.


They just need some zombie killing practice!

We used to play “war” with sticks and toy guns or whatever we had. We’d divide up and take turns attacking/defending the front and back yards. I was already gone from home when my youngest brother, about 5 at the time, was upset when someone he shot said he had missed them. Another of my brothers caught him coming out of the house with a loaded .22 rifle… to prove his marksmanship, I suppose.

guns, toy guns, imaginary guns, playing guns and the like were never allowed in my house growing up.
So I enlisted 10 days after graduation.
Showed them, dang it all.
and now, i also don’t allow any of those gun-type things in my house.

hypocrite (n.) 1.
see JDET.


hypocrite (n.)
1. see JDET.

If you're not a hypocrite every now and then, you're not trying hard enough. :)
Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 02 2009, 3:13 PM)

It's from Colorado's own Onion. You never read an Onion 'spoof' newspaper? Guess it's a Colorado thing. They be on the net though - funny stuff.

I'm sorry, but I actually have some of the original Onions from when they started in Madison, Wisconsin, just when I was in school there.

Colorodo Onion indeed. Next you'll be listening to MIDI classical music or something.


I should add that my office door has always had two Dikkers cartoons on it from those early years, before he was syndicated. But I always thought the greater genius was/is James Sturm, and Down and out Dawg.

Man, that was a great time to be in Madison.

Then again, any time is a great time to be in Madison.

With designer babies all your worries are over.

My bad TomS - I thought it was a Boulder Publication. This is another reason why I’m not cool I rectum.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 03 2009, 5:30 PM)

My bad TomS - I thought it was a Boulder Publication. This is another reason why I'm not cool I rectum.

U rectum? lololol Well just don't ROTFLAO!