View switches to browser and back

View switches to browser and back

I have just upgraded to n-Track 8.

During recording or playback, it suddenly switches to my Internet browser (already running; n-Track is not launching it), a few seconds later it switches back to n-Track, and then repeats this behavior.

It seems to happen after I have accessed Help. If I exit n-Track and re-start, this behavior seems to stop until I access Help again.

In fact, while typing this, it even switched from the browser to n-Track.

Is there a way to get it to stop this? I’m running it on Win 8.1, default browser set to Opera.


I've tried to reproduce the issue without luck, by doing the following actions:
- run Opera;
- run n-Track;
- click on Help->Quick guide or Help->Contents;
- play with n-Track (playback, recording, using quick guide);

Are you using the latest n-Track version? (v8.1.4 build 3464)
Which part of help are you referring to when you say:


It seems to happen after I have accessed Help

To the “quick guide”? or to the “Contents”? or to something else?

Could you please send me a list of actions that lead to the problem?


Hello Andrea

Thank you for your response.

I downloaded n-Track 8 recently and am using v8.1.4 build 3464.

By “access Help”, I mean select “Contents” in the Help menu, thereby opening the User Guide in Opera. At this point, this is the only action I have been able to associate the behavior with. Also, it is not consistent. I can add that Opera is maximized and that many tabs are open. Minimizing it seems to repress the behavior, although I have also seen active application switching on the Task Bar.

If I notice something else at a later date, I’ll add that information.


thanks for the details. We will investigate the issue.


Thank you for your attention to this issue.

Since my last post, I’ve found that this is not limited to Opera. It will switch to other applications that are currently running. So far, this has happened with Word, Task Manager, and MuseScore.

Hope this helps.

This sounds like a hardware issue. A loose connection to either the mouse or keyboard. Windows is loosing “Focus” and it’s being initiated by something in your hardware. Take the plug from both your keyboard and mouse and give them a very slight “squeeze” as to make the USB connection a little tighter, This might solve the problem as loose connections can and do cause this type of behavior. It’s always a good idea to have some contact cleaner on hand, (comes in spray can, non conductive) and clean you contacts, like USB cables, Volume Controls, faders, sliders, 48v Phantom connections, ect ect. They get gummed up just like your battery in your car.

That being said, some Logitech boards have a touch sensitive (scroll) on the left, perhaps your fingers are causing it??

Hope this helps,

Thank you for the idea. However, this has never occurred with other programs. It exhibits only when using n-Track.

Perhaps it is related to the following behavior (which did no happen in my previous version):

The space key works to start and stop playback until part way through the song, then it becomes ineffective (pressing it does nothing).