Vista & Soundcards

Vista & Soundcards

I’m having latency issuses with my built in Realtek soundcard… my tracks are out of sync but not at a regular interval… the n-track help section says I may need a new soundcard… any suggestions???

i’ve tried two firewire interfaces (alesis multimix & pro-sonus fire box) both had latency problems and noise???

please help… i need to record again!!!

thanks in advance!

Hi DLD, The realtek card was a problem here too, installed an E-Mu and after getting IRQ problems straigtened out it’s ran pretty good wit no problems even with the beta testing Vista drivers. My suggestion with the cards you have tried would be to make sure you’re using Vista drivers, the latest from the manufacters of each.
The realtek would get very close in track syncing if I unchecked ‘keep audio devices open’ on the audio devices ‘advanced’ settings in nTrack. It’s a crap shoot on that but you could try it.

Noise problems could be the 'puter itself, or maybe bad connectors. Not sure what your set-up or whart you are running to and from. More info on setup may help others to see a problem.