Vocal reverb presets?

Classic reverb and/or n- track reverb?

Hey party people!

So, anyone have vocal reverb presets you’d be willing to share for Classic reverb and/or n- track reverb?

I’m not sure what I’m looking for. The song I’m currently working on is mid-tempo heavily guitar oriented rock song. Mainly I would like to test out your presets to learn something!

Post me a link or something. Any kind of setting is fine as long as you yourself like it. :)

Heh - I almost always just use the presets and mess around with the settings almost randomly…

But this is a great idea, Pump.

i like the classic suite, except for the reverb. i use other free verbs, like ambience, glaceverb, voxengo’s ‘old skool verb,’ the verb setting that is on the ‘retro delay’ (very cool effect), and some others.

I’m strictly nTrack for most of my effects. I would give you a couple of my presets but that would have Bill biting his lip! :laugh: