Ok I just got this program and it works excellent for recording my guitar. I wanted to do some recordings with vocals so I started reading up on it and I don’t know what to do. Either the program will record only the guitar or the vocals depending on whether I have Line In or Microphone setup as the default recording device in the Windows recording properties. Help?


You could record one track at a time, but that’s not the right answer here.

As you’ve spotted, Windows will only allow you to record from a single input (line in, mic in etc). Now assuming that you’ve got a “consumer” soundcard (as opposed to a fancy “pro” type soundcard), you can still record two tracks using Line-in…

Line in is stereo, which actually means it’s two inputs. So, instead of thinking of the input as “one”, think of it as “left” and “right” channels. Now all you’ve go to do is record your guitar on the left channel and your voice on the right.


Well, there are many ways. If you have a mixer, you need to use a stereo cable to connect your mixer to line-in (eg 2 x phono to one stereo mini jack). You connect your guitar to one input of the mixer and pan it hard-left, your voice to the other channel and pan it hard-right.

If you don’t have a mixer you might still be able to use the stereo cable mentioned above and with suitable connectors plug your guitar into one side and mic into the other.

The final part is to tell N-track to record the Line-in as two seperate tracks (as opposed to one stereo track) so you can add effects, change the volume, etc independently. To do this click on the little hammer at the bottom of the Recording input meter and select and the “two tracks” option.

Hope this helps. Come back to us if you need more info.


Mark is correct. Here’s the adaptors you seek:

A page full of adaptors that will get you going.

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