Volume evolution recording.

What are the sliders for?

I remember being able to record the slider movements very easily in the past.
Now I have 4.x and I seem to be required to draw little diagrams on my wave files.
I never was very good in art class and I really would rather move the sliders up and down to control volume evolution.
Is there a way to do this?
I have all kinds of art programs for drawing little pictures, and I thought N was for recording music.
Please help, the guitarist keeps adjusting his volume on me.

I don’t ever remember being able to record fader movements in any version of ntrack. Are you sure this wasn’t another app you’re thinking of?

You can easily record all fader movements etc.
Underneath the Master channel effects box (on the mixer)on the right of the hammer icon is a arrow and a little circular button.

The button enables fader recording, the arrow instigates playback of any such recorded movements.

Only downside is it seems very cpu intensive.


apart from being CPU intensive it is not as accurate as drawing envelopes.

If you draw envelopes you can zoom in and place nodes exactly where you want them.
You can also do vertical changes (instantaneous jumps or drops in volume).
You can’t do this with the sliders as the best you will get is a sloping change in volume.
Plus I bet you don’t stop it exactly where you want it to stop :)


Sliding off topic here, but couldn’t you just compress the guitar track to even out the volume variations?


2 completely different things.

Compression will change the dynamics of the track relative to other parts within the track. ie. the track itself will sound different.

Changing the volume of the track won’t change how the track sounds itself but how loud it is relative to other tracks.

Hope that makes sense the way I just typed it…



Very true, but I’m wondering if light compression won’t lower the loud spots a bit and even out the average level of the guitar line , at least making it a bit more mixable, rather than writing a vol evolution to account for volume changes.


I don’t use volume envelopes to “smooth out” tracks.

I use them when I want to fade one in or out
Or when I want to change the volume of it (like going to a chorus or have the level lower for an intro or breakdown etc.).

I use compression is I think a track has peaks that need taming


Thanks for the tip, I knew how to do it 2.2, it;s been a while.
I just want to do it to part of the guitar track without changing the sound of the track. I did think of compression also.
The drawing worked fine once I got the hang of it, but it took me several mixdowns and some cussing first.
I like the sliders…

Also with the drawing of envelopes, it helps to zoom in bot horizontally and vertically so that you can move your mouse without it movinghte node too far…


Quote (Rhythmking @ Mar. 31 2005,21:50)
I like the sliders...

You may want to check into getting a control surface. I'm looking into getting a Tascam FW-1884, but if that's overkill for you, check out some of the cheapies on Musician's Friend. Those Behringer things look pretty decent for the price.