Volume level automatically compresses

Level/Volume drops while recording

Been an Ntrack user for over 9 years. Love the product. Decided to upgrade and install the latest/greatest on my laptop. Installed v5.0.7 build 2265. Started recording acoustic guitar and the playback sounded flanged, phased, semi swishing sounding etc. Messed with several settings in Ntrack all to no avail, and finally re-installed and tried again. In a nutshell, while recording a sound, say a voice at a constant level/volume, the volume and the wave form decrease untill it’s at a constant level. Even the peak meters drop. Take a breath and repeat the same tone and volume, and it does it all over again. It’s like the compresser (which is OFF) is running very slowly compressing the signal. It takes approx 5 or so seconds for it to get to it’s final level that it likes. Any suggestions?
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Here’s a sample screenshot.


Just a couple of thoughts. Does your soundcard have automatic gain control? This sounds characteristic of AGC.
And do your previous versions of n-Track work on your laptop without this problem?


You hit it right on! My sound card (SoundMAX) has a “Noise Reduction” feature that supports the Microphone. Simply un-checked that, and bingo!


Quote (Harrison @ April 13 2007,20:13)
Here's a sample screenshot.

Wow neat you posted a picture , How did you do that?