vst and vsti presets issues with V3

hi guys

Is there a way to tell N-Track to use a preset i select in a vsti or vst?

For some of them…it always seems to slip to default EVERY time I play a track and its very annoying


no one had this problem before?


What Vst/Vsti are your having a problem with. Most of the ones I use are well behaved. Might be a problem with the effect/instrument.

Take MDA Piano for example…everytime I reply the tracks…the presets default right back to first one.

Im certain its N because 4 other plugins behave like this.

Ok…Sequencers such as Cakewalk STRIP OUT the Events in the beginning of the file.

N-track (and some others) don’t.

Select your midi track and open the Event List and look in the beginning of the file and delete the Program Change Controller (I delete 'em all). Ya, just delete all the beginning controller entries. Have a backup of the file before you do this.

With this out of there…choices you make in your plugins, patch changes/volume/pans SHOULD stay.

Hope this works for you.


I don’t have this problem on FX, but I do on VSTi. For example, if I set up NIB4 drawbars, they get reset each time I save to disk. I like to save to disk a LOT, so this became a hassle.

What I found is this: set up the plugin with the initial settings you want, and then save it to disk, and then LOAD it from disk. After that, on every song-save, the VSTi gets reset to the settings I saved and then loaded.

BTW, it’s important to do that for each effect in a song you’ll be transferring to V4. IIRC, V4 doesn’t honor all the FX settings (or perhaps, an early version didn’t). In any case, it helps recover after certain kinds of failures.

I was using Mda Piano at the weekend (and have uesd it many times in the past) with no problems. I was using my own home-grown MIDI files though.

I think Kingfish has it; I’ve seen that before in my own songs when I’ve imported a MIDI file from elsewhere.

Not sure why you would get problems with Vsts though; this should only affect Vstis.


I havent tried it yet but it makes sense

So everytime I create a new MIDI track .I have to go to the properties setting go to Event Listing and manually remove all CC events?


I did save my patches to disk but its the same…it defaults RIGHT back to the first preset.

FYI…I never had this issue with FX…just vsti’s

Did you LOAD it after saving it? That’s critical.



OK, are you sure that you didn’t press some button on your synth while recording the part, causing MIDI events to be recorded? If you just edited in the part, this obviously isn’t the case.

Watching the plugin’s GUI, can you tell when it gets reset? With NIB4, I could clearly see it was being reset whenever I did a save-to-disk. Is that working for you? – note that if I saved and loaded a config, the reset sets it to the loaded settings.

Does it happen on rewind, or immediately when you play from the beginning?

If you play partway through and then stop, change the settings, and continue (maybe moving the cursor, but not back to the beginning) does it snap back to initial settings or does the changes stick?

Do some testing like this to see if you can figure out just what causes the reset.

It sounds likely that n-Track is sending some event (which may or may not be in the track’s event list) that is causing the plugin to reset. If it’s in the track’s event list, this would only happen when you play the section containing the event (most likely the very beginning).

When you set up a MIDI track, do you set it (like I do) to Program: none and bank:none? (I’m pretty sure that’s the default.) If you’re setting these to something else, I believe n-Track puts a program change event at the beginning of the track. It may be visible in the track’s event list. If it is visible, deleting it might be temporary, unless you change the properties back to “none”.

BTW, all the above apply to plugin instruments. For FX, there’s no MIDI events list or stuff like that, as I’m sure you know. If this is happening to FX, then it sounds like a bug for that FX, or in n-Track, or perhaps an ambiguity in the interface spec. (I’ve written interface and protocol specs, and ambiguity is surprisingly hard to avoid.) n-Track is resetting the plugin to tell it to start over, and it’s interpreting that to reset to initial conditions. Or something like that.

I have a problem with sfz (or n-Track, or both) that when I rewind and restart, sound from notes that were playing when I stopped continue on. grrr. This shows why it’s important to have a “reset” function to tell the plugin “we’re not starting from where we left off”.