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Hi all,

Please excuse my ignorance but i am trying to learn about vst and im having trouble finding any info on the net or in posts that teach you from the start.

Basically i have downloaded basic song midi files, i am able to open fine and separate the instruments, i have opened the drums track files , as the midi percussion sounds rather el cheapo and unrealistic people suggest to use vst drums, ok so i download vst drum programs and extract to vst folder, they show up fine in n-track, OK SO NOW IM LOST, what do i do next!!!HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY USE A VST DRUM KIT in n-track,

What i am trying to do, is download midi song files, use the already written midi drum lines but make the drum sound better by somehow using a better sounding drum kit(not live - pc generated), and guitar ect , to produce a backing track.

thanks for any advise

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