VST Plugins Integration

Is it possible to use third-party VSTs?

Hi there,

Is it possible to integrate third-party VST plugins with N-Track Studio? I really seem to like to layout and would love to throw in some VSTs.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

You can use DX plug-ins or VST to or VST three plug-ins with no problems. With the 64-bit version there is a built-in wrapper that allows the use of 32 bit plug-ins. You can use them on the masters theater circuit or on each individual recording or play back strip. Strangely enough the location to add the plug-ins is above each feeder stripe. There's a plus mark that you click on the ad or - to remove plug-ins. A right click also will give you options. The best place to check out this is to either experiment or Go to the online manual.

Thanks for the valuable update. Just a slight problem though, does N-Track Studio also work with AU plugins? If yes, is it compatible with some of the AU plugins for drum effects on this list: https://techraver.com/free-drum-vst-plugins/

See I’m looking to spruce up my drum tracks so it’d be great to see how it pans out on N-Track Studio.

I don't think it will read AU files. You might convert them to another format that would work. I don't know anything about AU. N-Trank does have a built in program to create drums.

VST plug-in work with n-track. N-track has a built in programmable drum program.