VSTi drum machine

get this to work live…

I’m wanting a VSTi drum machine that I can use live. What I am wanting is something that is virtual that I can use similar to redrum in Reason (which I can’t use because it is the demo, so it times out in 20 min) or to my Alesis SR-16 (which I can’t tempo sync to what is going on in N because I only have one midi I/O, which I’m using for my keyboard).

I have found these programs:

IDJ pitchblack
Machine II

I can’t get the internal sequencer to work with either. I can get sound out of both (I’m using my tom hicks wavs for Machine II) by using keyboard, but can’t get it to play a sequence. Machine III is more difficult, as it will only play the first beat of a sequence. If I do not have anything entered to play on the first beat, it won’t play. If I do, then it will, but it will only play that first beat. Ideas? Or other (better) suggestions for a VSTi or DXi drum machine?

Why not try Jamstix ?


I used to use RMF to play my midi drum tracks.
Used various samples in it no problems and it’s free.

Perhaps I’m not understanding how to use RMF, or perhaps I’m not explaining myself clearly.

What I want is a VSTi with a built-in sequencer that will operate basically as a drum machine. It needs to open in N, and it needs to sequence internally. I can’t use a midi file, because I’m wanting to loop continuously while creating ideas, and Ntrack’s “loop” feature does not loop sufficiently. (there is about a second’s lag each time it reloops). Does RMF do this and I’m not understanding?


RMF is just a drum synth VSTi.
It won’t do any sequencing. You need to send midi data to it and it will then play that data with the samples you load into RMF.

What you want is probably more something like fruity loops, which you can use as a VSTi in n-Track (I don’t know how exactly, but know that a few forum users do that).
You can program all your loops in FL and then sync it with N by loading it as a VSTi rahter than using it standalone.

As far as only having 1 midi I/O on your soundcard, does your keyboard have a midi thru socket? If so you can connect the SR16 to the thru on the keyboard and sync the tempo that way…


I actually need to get a 15 pin serial (joystick) midi cable. My Audigy 2 comes with a 15 pin serial port. I’m using a USB midi I/O right now. That way I’d have 2 I/O’s and could use my Alesis. But in the mean time, yeah I need something like FL. But it is pretty expensive. I don’t need all the bells and whistles, etc., and could do with just a sample player with a built in sequencer. The two I have linked to (especially Machine II) say they can do this, but I can’t figure it out. Perhaps someone could do me a favor and try?


I’ve tried Machine2.
You need to send it midi notes to select and play/stop the patterns.
It doesn’t follow the host’s start/stop/pause command (as far as I can see).
And it sounds terrible.

Why not use a step-sequencer plugin in stead. And route the output to a seperate drum-vsti (or stand-alone drum synth)?

EDIT: hmmm…bad sound appears to have been my own fault, not the plugin’s.

step sequencer plugin? I’m confused… do you know of one, and could you tell how to work it? ???

no help on the step sequencer issue?

Patience, my friend :)
StepChild is an example of a free (it has to be free for you doesn’t it?) one.
A stepseq is a pianoroll of 1 measure long that lets you design patterns and sequence these (rather than sequencing all individual events like N’s piano roll).
It’s just the thing for engineering synthetic rhythm tracks.

thanks I’lltry it. It’ll be next week though. going to Louisiana for Thanksgiving.

meeting her extended family = :O



For rock/metal, “Drumkit From Heck 2” is a great VSTi plugin to N-Tracks. You’ll need 1.0 to 1.5 Gig or ram, even with their direct from disk patch.

Another option is the “Drumkit From Heck Superior” is the next step up.

See here:

thanks katau, but I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for really. :)

Ok, I found the perfect thing. It’s called ta-ta-poum. The only problem is that it is no longer available… :( I’m trying to find it some place, but can’t. I might email the developer…

barring that, how do you use stepchild? you say it sends midi info out? how to I then send that info to a vsti?


EDIT: Oh I see. The page is all live and’ stuff but the download goes nowhere…

exactly. It’s gone. probobly due to the fact that it is a blatent redrum ripoff. Anyways, as I said, how do I use stepchild to send midi out to a vsti?