VSTi/DXi plugin roundup....list your favorites.

I’m an admitted plugin junkie and have spent more money on these things than I care to confess. I’m curious to hear about what you fellas are using and what your experiences are. These ones are at the top of my list and I use them in just about every tune with pretty good success in N-Track so far:

NI Absynth 3
NI Kontakt
East West Vapor Synth
East West Colossus
NI Guitar Rig (when I’m not running my POD-XT-Pro direct)
NI B4 Hammond
NI Battery (when not running BOSS DR880 direct in)
East West Hardcore Bass

I just placed an order today for NI Akoustik Piano & NI Elektrik Piano :D

I still like my rgc Pentagon. And z3ta+. :)

How about Big Tick’s Rhino?

Also Linplug RM IV and Cronos - now X3.

Oh boy, a topic for me!!!

Eastwest Stormdrums
East West Symphonic Silver ed.
String Theory
String Thing
String Synth
Kontakt 2
x Wheel of Fortune Pro
x wheel of fortune
4front piano, bass, epiano
fl studio and it’s associated plugins
Aset 2121g free
Cheese Machine
Delay Lama
EVM Ultrasonique

I am about to buy Cantor - one of the coolest vocal plugins I have ever seen!!! Check it out - it’s by Virsyn

I also bought Motu Symphonic Instrument and cannot make it work what so ever - so back it goes.

As far as vst EFFECTS - that would be another thread - but my favorites are waves plugins and a little known one called choir (I love making choirs and string/choir effects)


By the way, if you want the total lowdown on all vst effects and synths - you gotta check out this website:


It lists them all!!!


Anything by Waves.

Anything by Waves. I use the Renaissance reverb, the C1 compressor, the para EQ and the limiter mostly.

oops - just noticed the “i” on the end of VST :D
Don’t really use the things.

i only recently hooked up my old yamaha keyboard… it’s one of these cheesy “100 sounds built in” dealies. it was cool when i was 15. BUT it’s velocity sensitive and has MIDI… so now i’m experimenting with the world of virtual instruments… is that what you would call them? not just VSTi’s, but DXi’s and the standalone one’s too… there are some really amazing ones out there (and amazingly expensive ones). i personally enjoy the ones that model acoustic instruments and vintage keyboard sounds.

There was a great organ VSTi called “ZR3”.

Had very authentic Hammond organ sounds.

My fave (because it’s the only one I really use) is Jamstix
Used to use RMF before that to play my midi drum tracks.
Now Jamstix does it all without even needing to program the midi track… now that’s a REAL VSTi :)

Delay Lama is a fun one… still haven’t been able to work it into a song yet though…


Quote (Karmacomposer @ Oct. 13 2005,07:41)
By the way, if you want the total lowdown on all vst effects and synths - you gotta check out this website:


It lists them all!!!!


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