VSTs in Red Font -- No effects

Need help

Hey all,

So I had an issue with n-Track 7 not recording anything at all (it would say it’s recording and move like it’s recording, but never generated a wave form), so I reinstalled it.

Now my VSTs show up in red font on my tracks, and they aren’t producing any effects. I had to retell n-Track where the VST folder was, but the folder didn’t change since the first time. So I’m wondering why they’re not producing any effects or how I can fix this problem? I’d rather not lose my tweaks :)

The VSTs show up in the browser and can be applied, but the tracks prior to reinstallation don’t recognize them.


usually when you get a new VST you have to put the dll file into the VST folder.

when you re-install Ntrack you will find only the Ntrack dll in there, just like when you bought it.

you then have to take all the dll’s from all the vst’s you ever had and put them back into the vst folder.

I keep a special file on the side in a flash card for just such an occasion (especially since so many of those freebees from the 90’s are no longer available).

you say the Folder is the same upon re-instillation? I don’t know how or if ntrack could possibly do that.

dontcare :cool: