waiting for incoming sync signal????

When I press play in n-Track I get the message: Waiting for incoming sync signal.
And it doesn’t play.
I don’t know what happened.


Never mind I figured it out.
The MTC slave button was pushed.


all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, i got the “waiting for incoming sync signal” msg.
reinstalled good old n-track, and the message persisted.

what to do without my running copy of n-track???
rough day here in mudville.

figured i’d check the forum, and there was this one item about this problem.
from 2011!!!

so once i read the item, all i had to do was figure out where the heck the MTC slave button was located.
(it’s on one of the toolbars.)

found it easily enough, while bathed in sweat…

everything seems to be working fine again.

joy in mudville.

Gary Berlind/ :D

Outstanding, going to move this thread to the tips section.

PACO :laugh: :agree:

Moved :D

PACO :peace: