war profiteers

war profiteers-Haliburton(cheney)
no irony here for you?Check the facts-
who profited from the 9/11 attacks?
who placed substantial “put Calls” against american and united airlines on 9/10?
whose company processed these calls ?
who is the company who got the contract to clean up the twin towers(and the murrow bldg in OKC strangely enough) and removed tons of evidence from a federal crime scene
Several billion dollars in foreign currency and major protions of the evidence against ken lay and enron are missing from wtc 7, a building not hit by a plane,that mysterously imploded some 2 hrs after the towers.??
osama bin laden was trained by the cia
terry nichols attended an al qaeida bombmaking seminar in the phillipenes…
war profiteers?the whole point of this war is profit
you have to follow the money…
wake up,the dream is over…

Good lord, as if we needed any proof that it is all about money - and we don’t need any odd theories about Enron evidence either. Simply oil and money. It amazes me, how naive most of my fellow citizens are.


no odd theories-it’s documented.
much evidence to be believed or not believed


I was quite surprised to read THIS article about the loans made to the UK during the second world war.


the financial side of ww2 is very interesting…
the investment firm of a.brown,run by walker bush,loaned money to the nazis untill forced to stop…
good info,Beef