WARNING -  www.videoblock.com

Free may cost you

In large letters it says Download Video Media from www.videoblock.com FREE for 7 days. In large letters it says you can cancel at any time, the GUARENEE it - only thing is they are talking about a years membership not their promotion, and you will be charged for that month - not for what you use, but when you cancel.
In small letters in the Term of Use it tells you that if you do not cancel in 7 days they will charge you $79.99.
It looks to me they charged me in 6 days from when I signed up, but it doesn't matter as I didn’t cancel until it showed up on my bill about 4 days after the cut off date.
I had forgotten about it and that cost me the $79.99, because I did not cancel within the allotted period– because I did not read the small print.
They have 21 Better Business Bureau complaints this year and are not members of BBB.
I should have known better, I should have read the small print.
Be sure you do . . . :disagree:

I listed the site incorrectly - www.videoblocks.com - it has an S for blockS. Better Buisiness Bureau gives the site/company an F