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I recently upgraded my soundcard to a 24bit model, and N to the 24bit version… One major problem… My external wav editor is and always has been CoolEdit96… I LOVE that program. The problem is it doesn’t support 24 bit WAV files. Anyone know of some free wav editing software that does support 24bit files and has options similar to that of CE96? Does CE2000 support 24bit wav’s?

Audacity is free and supports 24 bit, and is a mighty fine editor.

Google it up.


Mark (also a fan of cooledit 96)

Yeah… I wish there was some way to buy CE2000… but there is not, since Adobe bought Syntrillium… Anyway, thanks for the link. :D

you could always pay 300 bucks for audition just to use it as a wav editor… :D

I recently got a DVD writer, and Nero 6 (express) that came with it have a wave editor that can do all sorts of nifty things at all sorts of sampling rates, and it can use VST’s and DX effects.

It also have tools for audio restoration from vinyl and all sorts of cool things.

And it feels familiar for Cool Edit users.

Just a thaught .

Over the years I’ve read posts about wave editors like Audacity etc. Probably a stupid question but what can they do that can’t be done in n-track?


Over the years I've read posts about wave editors like Audacity etc. Probably a stupid question but what can they do that can't be done in n-track?

A very good point Nick, and the answer is not a lot really.... but there are some specialised tasks which wave editors do a lot better (or N doesn't do at all). For example, I might use an external editor to convert a stereo track to mono, to do noise reduction, to trim up a mixdown before burning to CD, for converting sample rate/type etc. I 'm sure others have other uses too...

But for chopping/cutting/pasting/changing volume/changing length, etc, N-track does just fine (and is non-destructive).


I use Cool Edit Pro 1.2 which supports 24 bit files. There seems to be a number of copies of this and v2 on e-bay.

How about goldwave? the demo is fully functional, and the program is only 45 dollars US.


Thanks guys… I’m looking into Audacity. and possibly some later versions of CoolEdit for when I actually have money for that… And to answer Nick’s question… I use CoolEdit to chop off the beginnings and ends of my mixdowns, convert tracks I record in mono to stereo, noise reduction features, and also it comes with some extremely useful FX… 1950s style echo is something I could not live without! :laugh: It sounds great to copy a vocal track and put 1950’s style echo on it, then keep the echo version a little more quiet in the main mix, and about even in the aux send with a touch of FASoft reverb… It really adds a lot of clarity to T’s and S’s… and gives you a more crisp sound…

Wihan, have you messed around a lot with Nero’s wave editor? I am just starting to check it out.

sound forge studio is only $69 right now and has some nice features.