wav file recovery

help needed to open wav file

I was recording an interview to a laptop computer at an outdoor event. Just before the end of the interview the computer suddenly shut down abnormally. The wav file is on the drive and has data. But when I try to import it in n-track I get “error opening file ‘fmt’ chunk missing.” Is there a way for me to repair and recover this work?

Try using Audacity (download here) and use the following:
“Open raw (headerless) audio files using the “Import Raw” command”. Never used this feature, but it might help.


Hi Guys on this Thread:
There may be something connected with this issue and the topic that WOZZ has opened regarding some issues he has and some that I have with these latest series of builds and the new v5.0.1…

I’m unable to put my issues into describing just what-it-is… But these builds are “rendering” somewhat oddly… ??

I think it has to do with the total number of samples that is in the file versus the total number of samples that is contained in the “Rendering Request”… “Chunk”…