We need a New Features and How to Use Then

It would seem that the Wiki was set up so that we could post information, but When I try to edit it says I have to be log-in. I am logged in as far as I can tell.
Anyhow, if the Wiki is where to do this, how do we get access? Is there a way to let users know that it contains information on how to use features not in the manual, or things that have changed?

You have to create a different account for the Wiki - it’s a separate piece of software.

good idea to revive it by the way.

Well, I thought I was logged in to the Wiki, but no luck. I don’t know why it is difficult, must be me, but if it is a problem to log in that may explain one reason it is not being used more. I guess the Wiki is a good idea - but how many people know that that is where to get help (anyone actually getting help there?) I have never had ocation to use a Wiki and the name does not scream "Ntrack How Info."
Well, at least this forum is a good one.

oh bax, don’t tell me you’ve never used Wikipedia? :slight_smile:

Anyway the whole Wiki thing started a few years ago as an experiment. IIRC an informal Wiki was setup by some users as a test. Flavio formalised it, I guess at the request of this place.

The Wiki is a “community thing” - it’s only as good as we make it.

Not sure why you are having login problems - perhaps I’ll go and see if I can login.

As for its name, well “wiki” is one of those internet terms like “blog”, “forum”, “board”, “rss feed”, etc which nobody knows what they mean until they understand them the first time. Pretty common nowadays.

Quote: (XonXoff @ Sep. 28 2007, 6:36 AM)

Not sure why you are having login problems - perhaps I'll go and see if I can login.

Seems to be OK here once I remembered my login details :-)

I hate it when I feel stupid, so please forgive me if this is obvious. I finally found how to sign in - not is REally not obvious.

Don’t worry - we’ve all been there… Glad you managed to get to the bottom of it.