Wedding Pics!


here are the photo’s for our beautiful wedding day



Nice photos, what a beautiful day you had.


Mary says Rob’s a total cutie.

We both say: the colors (I’m sorry, colours) were fabulous - someone put a lot of thought into that. And what a great setting. You also must have had a great photographer. Those could be in “Weddings” magazine. :agree:

Hi Ange and Rob:

What great photos and memories you have…
There is some great photo editing-and-preparation going on there…
The creativity and background of each photo is so nice and the background of each photo setting makes for the people in the images…

I smiled and grinned for you both through the entire collection…

Thank you for posting the link to your Wedding Photo Collection…



Too bad Poppa and Ian etc. missed this!!!

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 11 2009, 3:32 PM)

Too bad Poppa and Ian etc. missed this!!!

Tis ok, they are all gonna see didn't think i'd let 'em get away that easily did you?! ;)