Well, somebody better do something


Here’s today’s effort. I wanted to write a song about something else, but it turned into a song about audiences at the many bars in decades past that have sort of run into a big blob in my memory…

You Shatter Me:

Mp3s suck.

Sounding better and better, great backing vocals, smooth blend of guitar tones, the whole thing just rolls over the ears,
Yeah the mp3 sucks but I’ve been listening to myspace stuff and their player really butchers the sound, at least on SC most of the song comes through. I’ve been thinking about the $10/month account to be able to put up files at 320, but when I hear my 320 files I still hear what’s missing.

Anyway, another great one, on my hardrive, If you don’t make an album I’m gonna die.


I am disrespectful to dirt! Can you see I am serious? Get out of my way, all of you! This is no place for loafers! Join me or die! Can you do any less?

nice job, mr. sparkle

that’s a groovy tune. what a great guitar riff. simple and to-the-point. isn’t that what great songs are supposed to be? inspires me to write better stuff.

Most excellent Tom! I likey… :agree: :agree:


You’ve always been a great songwriter Tom, but your production skills are getting better and better. Sound on this is great! :agree: :agree:

pro=9 :laugh:

Hey Tom, Great song, I love the movement and the guitar is awesome, grabbed my attention straight away, your songs are so cool, love the style and your vocals are crystal clear. yup, you be goooood!

Ange x

van nuys Tom. Agree with all the above!

Many thanks for the listens!

It’s not that my production skills are getting better - it’s the interface, that’s all it is…who says money can’t buy happiness?

Mr. Sparkle


who says money can't buy happiness?

Either some rich miserable person, or some poor miserable person full of envy.

You have an interface that mixes for you too! Sweet! I presume it does mic placement too?

(As Bruffie says in his soon to be released single on Pizza Records - "Yea, right.")

It's not that my production skills are getting better - it's the interface, that's all it is...

Okay Mr. Modest... I'm sure the new MOTU helps a bit but that's not all their is to it. Hearing the differences and knowing how to capitalize on the "new advantage" is a BIG part of the game.

Nice job.


I can capitalize it = NEW ADVANTAGE! :agree:


some poor miserable person full of envy

you been reading my diary?
Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jun. 03 2009, 9:10 AM)

I can capitalize it = NEW ADVANTAGE! :agree:

Ba-doom TISH...

There's one in every crowd... and we'd be disappointed if there weren't! :laugh:

:laugh: I thought this one was sub'par for Tom. Of course on a golf course being under par is a good thang.
I vote for you to put this one back in the chop shop Mr Reader. Sorry.

Um…you know I mix like…uh…well, my mixing is some sort of malfeasance…

Quote: (TomS @ Jun. 03 2009, 8:06 PM)

Um...you know I mix like...uh...well, my mixing is some sort of malfeasance...

ROFL... okay... okay... You just hadda sneak "malfeasance" in again didn't you? :laugh:

Ignore Levi... (Levee?) He's either joking or jealous... You pick...

Not that my opinion matters or anything... but the sound of your stuff is getting markedly better Tom. New interface or whatever... it's gettin' better all the time.


It sucks :agree: :cool:

Yeah, but it sucks in a good way. :laugh: