Well ...

… consider this …

Since Christ was born, Flavio has -on average- been releasing just about one built per year. What do you think of that ?


Anyway - just this to tell Flav : keep up the good work man !!!
I like your work !

:laugh: :laugh:

I didn’t know he was that old…


n-Track V1 Build 1 was used for recording onto papyrus. It has been handed down through generation after generation of Antoniolis. Rumor has it though, that the ORIGINAL papyrus writings are stored in a secret vault inside the Popes office in Vatican City. :)


Don’t you mean platypus? They recorded to platypus…

Really? Good thing PETA was not around in those days…


Quote (Diogenes @ Dec. 12 2005,14:11)
n-Track V1 Build 1 was used for recording onto papyrus.

That explains the little hammer icon when the tracks are rendered... (light comes on!!)

Yep. The scribe wore a red robe and the proof reader wore a green one. It all makes sense now… :p


Well that scribe Flavio, must have been a wiz bang on the papyrus… I just notice the latest build… multiple track selection for volume envelope… Howzat for fast response… WOW!!!

Now if only Flavio could get the scribe with the green robe to update the manual… so we lowly track farmers could figure out how to use all these nifty gadgets… :D

Well, in terms relative to the several-thousand-year Timeline, we farmers have only recently learned to read. :)

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: