welp, here it is

first effort in #### near 2 years

it’s full of timing errors, miscues, and missed notes, but I gotta start somewhere.


I will go ahead and give it a try.

The vocals are excellent! Clear and bright. I also liked the guitars. As for the drums, they are very dull, especially the snare. Don’t know if it is too much reverb or could use adjusting on the EQ.

For the songwriting, I would change the ending. It just kinda fizzles out. I would go for more of a power ending with an abrupt stop then let the guitar feedback.

Certainly a great effort, especially if this is a rough draft judging from your text.


I dunno, the drums sound kinda Shaftish 70’s to me. I kinda dig em. So are you back for a while Hux?

the music came to me already mixed - my understanding is that it was done with a couple of room mics, so I dunno…I don’t care much fer the snare(I like 'em bright), but again - room mics.

thanks fer yer comments on the vox - ya definitely rough draft.

Bubba - ya, I think so man. Nervous breakdown over, I think.


I like it even though it’s not my style exactly. What do you mean that it came already mixed? I thought you just worked on it.

naw, they handed me a CD of songs with no vocals…already mixed. I added the vocals and mixed those in.

thanks for the kind words, folks, it means more than you know.

Gotcha. The vocals are great - the best part of the song!!!

So does mean, we can all send you our music & you’ll lay down the vocals :laugh:

I listened to it a few more times and my comment about this ending is that the vocals end and then the music continues too long. If there were some high pitch vocals (not necessarily screaminng but maybe controlled screaming) for a few more measures I think it would end more dynamically.

Just some thoughts.


I’m diggin it! Needs some EQ and fill. Fill that builds intensity as the song progresses so you don’t lose listener interest. Maybe Synth Strings. That’s it.

I agree on the snare.

Man there’s some serious talent in this forum. I’ve never been so impressed by fellow amatures! =P


Dude! Been loopin it for almost an hour. It’s growin on me! I’m thinking this song is not about vocals it’s about guitar, grind and sexuality. The vocals are awesome but it needs to be pushed back, way back. It needs to be about phonics not intelligability. Heavy reverb & barely intelligible. Guitar and bass EQ’d to the front. Maybe roll the top end off the vocals and find top-end elsewhere. Perhaps the cymbals or snare or add something else to fill-in the top-end.

My personal opinion about this song is it needs to be something she will want to screw by. Think about hot and heavy sex while you’re mixing and I think you’ll nail it! Pun intended.


Dude! Been loopin it for a half hour. This song rocks!! Finishing polish is all it needs! EQ, Reverb Comp, etc…


cool man…we practice every Sunday, I wanna talk to em about the arrangement some…I hate the versechorusversechorusSTOP thing…lol…maybe next week I can have a more interesting arrangement :)

Hux - I will say from a production standpoint, that the vocals had a different “sound” quality than the first of the recording. They also sounded like they were dropped on top of the mix, but studio recordings often sound that way anyways. Like the others said, work with EQ & reverb to place them better in the mix.

Rock Star potential? I was fixin to say you’ve been practicing for 2 yrs {instruments} that you’ve come along wazzzze, until I looked at the mixing part! Ohh Ok! Do we have another scott weland of velvet revolver aka, {STP} possible, sounded great Hux, Now all you need is a contract and manager! :D Flyana