What 24-bit do I use for SB Audigy 4 soundcard

System crashes when I record with 24-bit

I changed the setting from 16- to 24-bit in the recording vumeter and the sytem crashed when I tried to Exit from n-Track.
I didn’t change any of the other settings, which were defaulted to:
- Stereo -> two mono tracks
- Enable Live processing from this input
- Apply to all channels

Anyone got any good ideas or suggestions?

Does the Audigy 4 soundcard need to the use 24 unpacked, or 24 unpacked left justify setting option instead of the 24-bit (packed) format?

Silly question, but you have got the 24bit version of n-track?

Does the Audigy 4 soundcard need to the use 24 unpacked, or 24 unpacked left justify setting option instead of the 24-bit (packed) format?


It seems to me that appeared in a topic, some time ago… IT may be important for data collection and repro…

However, I don’t have any issues regarding this… and playing 24-bit-48khz. res. files with my S/B LIVE card in the set-up I have… I’m just unable to record 24-bit-48khz. res. files with the card… The card I have will only record 16-bit-48khz. files…

So, keep-in-mind that your audgy card likes 48khz. sample-rate… That could be your issue… Check the “Sample Rate”…

You’ll get IT going…


Hi Mark A!
No, it’s not a silly question to ask at all.
But, yes, in fact I upgraded to the 24-bit version of n-Track specifically so that I could use the Audigy 4 soundcard.
And, I’ve made sure that I activated the 24-bit version of n-Track as well; just in case you were wondering about that too.
My main frustration is that n-Track seems to be the only software on my PC that I can’t use the Audigy soundcard with…
Anyway, thanks for you suggestion.

Hey Bill!

Thanks again for your helpful suggestions and your moral support.
I’m certainly determined not let this beat me.
Anyway, I’ll keep in mind your advice about Audigy seeming only to like a 48KHz sample rate.
Is the 16-bit restriction because your Audigy card is only that (i.e. 16-bit) and not a 24-bit one?

I’m actually considering on getting a laptop and installing all my music-related software on that, along with n-Track, because I get the feeling that all the probs I’m experiencing are just down to the mix of hardware, software and OS configuration that I have on my desktop.
There’s just no way that anyone can develop software that’s going to work on every single, unique machine setup that exists out the user world, it’s just not realistic to expect it, so I was not surprised to run into some sort of problem when setting up n-Track.

I’ll just keep plugging away at this.


Hi MusicMaker:
The P-111 1.2khz. ASUS Editing/Do-It-All machine I have only has a S/B Live 5.1 and a S/B Live 24-bit audio card installed in it. However none of them records at 24-bit res. They both repro at 24-bit. It comes in handy as I use this machine for Editing tracks from the studio DAWs. I rarely use the “Use Audio Card Settings” when “Editing”. I render “Off Line”… and use the “File Format” with-out the Audio Card’s settings. Doing IT that way … I rarely run into issues when I import/netwok files from one-machine-to-another… But, I need a better way to Sync. my file structure/setup from one-hard drive-to-another… and machine-to-machine… That issue is looming as a big issue for me and my setup…

In your machine and does the mainboard have a built-in audio card? And could there be an issue with selecting the audio card with-in n-Track when recording and playback?


Hi Bill,

does the mainboard have a built-in audio card?

As far as I can establish, it doesn’t appear to have one.
However, the mainboard does have three jacks / connectors which open out at the rear of the tower case; one each for: line-in, mic and headphones / desk speakers.
I went into the BIOS and couldn’t find anything that indicated any on-board audio options or settings.
So I can’t turn off these jacks.
Also, no matter how much I’ve searched the options and settings in the Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager I can’t find anything that indicates a built-in audio card or device settings.
So’ I’m really stumped as whether or not this maybe causing my problems.
The devices listed in the Audio playback and recording devices windows, of the n-Track Recording Settings/Audio devices, are:
- Creative ASIO
- M-Audio JamLab ASIO
- MME: SB Audigy 4 [C400]
- MME: Wave Mapper
- SB Audigy 4 ASIO 24/96 [C400]
- SB Audigy 4 ASIO [C400]
- WDM: SB Audigy 4 [C400]

I’ve selected the WDM device (the last one in the list) for both my playback and recording devices, and set the Sampling Frequency at 48KHz (as you suggested).

At the moment, my system crashes every time I try to record, but not when I Exit n-Track, as it used to.
Thing is, I have so many other software apps (including anti-Virus / anti-Spyware) running on the machine, that it could be any combination of these with the Win XP OS that also could be causing the problems.
That’s why I’m seriously contemplating about getting a dedicated Laptop on which to set up all my music-related software and running it under just a stripped down version of the Win XP OS and nothing else.
I really just want to get on and record music; not spend all my time trying to figure out how to fix problems with n-Track.
It does bother me though that there seem to be so many folks experiencing problems with the software, so although I was half-expecting some initial difficulties with the set-up, I didn’t think it was going to be THIS difficult, and I’m kind of wondering what other problems I’m going to run into if and when I fix these initials ones!!

Anyway, got any other suggestions or ideas what I can look at to try and fix my current problem?

However, the mainboard does have three jacks / connectors which open out at the rear of the tower case; one each for: line-in, mic and headphones / desk speakers.

Hi MusicMaker:
It seems to me that somewhere on the mainboard there is an audio section… It’s strange that the BIOS doesn’t refer to IT…

If you play a CD in the DVD/CD player on the computer and plug a set of speakers into the audio output of that jack you should be abe to hear the CD being played… If you can, Then remove the S/B Audgy card and remove any reference to the Audgy card from your computer… (Un-install your Audgy Card from your computer) Then launch n-Track and see if you can get n-Track up-and-running…

If that don’t work… and in an attempt to get both audio cards to work properly on your machine Before you install n-Track, again…

I may not have my suggestions in the correct order, here… but…

Then mabey, even remove/uninstall n-Track from your machine till you can get the audgy card working and answering to your commands on this machine.

I expect that somewhere on this machine there is driver corruption… There may even a correct order to install all this hardware and software to aviod these issues… Mabey someone else can suggest the order in which to install all this…

Then reinstall n-Track and see if the on-board audio will operate with n-Track…

Keep at IT… it’ll all come together… IT’ll work so nice…


Hi again, Bill.

You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d think that you’re getting some kind of commission from FASoft…

Anyway, thanks for your suggestions, which I’ll certainly try out and see how it goes.

BTW, I had a sneak peek at your website and was very impressed by your studio set-up.
I guess that you’ve been at the music recording game for a while by the looks of it.
I’ve been playing in bands on and off since the early '70s myself, but only just now starting to want to record some of my own stuff, hence my interest in (and current frustrations with) n-Track.

Thanks again for your moral support.


Hi MusicMaker:
So that everyone knows that visits the Board and who lurks here, I get and expect no commissions or favors from Flavio or anyone else connected to FASOFT…

My story is simple. I came very close to investeing into Stienberg Canada for supporting software for my humble setup here… Somehow, there was a missunderstanding between Them and me-and-my-setup. I try my utmost to be and think positive… If I am unable to say something positive about something-or-someone… I’ll work my hardest to do or not say anything bad about someone-or-something…

I can tell you all… It’s really frustrating to find that you can’t get your musical ideas able to be heard cause you can’t your DAW to do what you want IT TO-DO…

And… do you know what else? That goes for most-if-not-all of the other guys that visit this and other boards that I frequent… IT’s also a great place to learn about all this stuff, If you so choose to do it this way…

I’ve never met Flavio or anyone else who writes to this board… but I feel as though I know all of you on some level that is n-Track and DAW… and the music you post for the rest of us to hear…


Hi Bill,
I was just kidding around and didn’t think for one minute you have any connections with Flavio or FASoft other than being a customer / product user.
So no offence intended.

More power to you for being so supportive and positive, even when the going gets tough; the world needs more people with a positive outlook and attitude, like yourself.

Anyway, I put your latest technical suggestions into action today, with mixed results.
First, I removed all the SB Audigy 4 software and drivers, and then the sound card itself.
Then I went back into the BIOS again and finally found the swithches for the built-in audio card; it was hiding at the bottom of one of the BIOS option windows, and so off the screen (I didn’t notice the scroll bar the first time around).
So, I disabled the built-in / on-board audio card.
I then re-installed the Audigy 4 sound card, and re-installed the software and drivers.
I also removed Windows Media Player and its device drivers, so that I could make SB Audigy 4 my default media player, etc.
I then installed the latest Audigy 4 device drivers, to bring everything right up to-date.
After setting up all the options in the Audigy 4 control panel, I then removed and re-installed the n-Track software (4.2.0 build 2090).
So far, so good.

When I go into n-Track to set up the preferences and settings, I’ve discovered the following:
1: n-Track still defaults to the MME: Wave Mapper devices for the recording and playback settings. So either the User Manual is wrong (because it states that “The program by default selects a WDM driver if any is found installed on the system” - which they are) or there’s still a problem between n-Track and the Audigy 4 software.
2: There’s no input (that is, there’s no reaction from the recording vumeters) when I use either of the Asio device options.
3: The recording settings - from the hammer icon under the vumeter - shows that n-Track at least now selects 24-bit unpacked left justify - which is (?) what the Audigy 4 sound card uses to “communicate” with n-Track.
4: The system still crashes, but only when I select certain combinations of recording devices and settings.

So, at least I’ve managed to make some sort of progress, with your help, for which I’m really grateful.

I guess all I can do now is keep plugging away, until I find a combination of settings that will work OK and not cause any further system crashes.
I’ll keep you posted.

Once again, thanks for your help Bill.

Hi MusicMaker:
We gotta get that S/B Audio card and n-Track to communicate with one-another… I’m no authority on your Audigy card and machine and IT’s set-up… There are guys up here watching what we’re doing and Tee-Hee’ing us… I hope not … but there are guys here that are useing the card you have with no issues of any kind… So that’s why I’m saying they may be Tee-Hee’ing US… You know, you’re gonna get this working… The best way is not to make too many collossel errors as all this happens.

Do you hear any audio comming from this audio board? A CD playing in your CD/DVD Player? Or any audio from your On-Board audio card when you select the Card from your device manager audio folder? And… when you select Line Input from you device manager record mixer? And is there a little speaker on your Task Bar? From the task bar, you should be able to select the record and playback audio card’s mixer…

I was hopeing that someone up here with a set-up like yours would jump in here and set us straight in being able to install your Audigy card with a mainboard that has built-in audio… I know, this is able to be done… If IT’s IRQ assignments, then another IDE port need to be utilized… That’s if you have one, on the mainboard…

There is a way to set this up… IT just needs to be found…

Question… While you had the Audigy card removed… did you see if you could get any response from the built-in audio and n-Track?

Just checking…



I’ve never met Flavio or anyone else who writes to this board… but I feel as though I know all of you on some level that is n-Track and DAW… and the music you post for the rest of us to hear…

…and I’ve got one of Bill’s cd to clinch the deal.

I guess that the fact that we are so passionate about n-track, even though we don’t have any direct connection with Flavio, must mean something…

Hi Bill,

OK, yes, I do get audio output from the Audigy 4 sound card when playing a CD or DVD, or an MP3 or WAV file.
So no problems there.
Yep, I can even record and playback with n-Track using the Audigy 4 sound card, but only with certain preference settings, and it was these that I’m currently experimenting with and will let you know the results.
The built-in audio card on the mainboard (this is NOT the Audigy 4 sound card) is definitely disabled now and is definitely NOT the problem.
The current problems seem to be with which recording / playback device drivers (that is: MME / WDM / Asio / etc. / etc.) I select in combination with the 16-bit / 24-bit / 24-bit unpacked / 24-bit unpacked left justify AND mono / stereo / stereo --> 2 mono recording settings options.
Most - but not all combinations (these are the ones I’m trying to identify) - seem to cause the system to crash.

I guess if I asked the RIGHT question out on the Forum, I might get someone using the same sound card to respond.
In the meantime, I’ll keep on working at the problem, and ignore anyone who may be Tee-Heeing at my frustrations.

Cheers for now. :)

Myabe not what you want to do but if you can’t solve the problem google ASIO4ALL. I know lots of people have switched to these drivers with successful results for different DAWs.

Hi MusicMaker and StuH:
These drivers could mabey be what’s needed to get this setup running…

If n-Track is pointed to the correct drivers, I have a feeling that this set-up is gonna start running…

OR… Do some of you think that there may be another issue/issues to resolve? Before this set-up takes-off?..


Hey guys,
StuH, thanks for the link.
I’ve downloaded the V1.8 defacto, V2 and V2 beta2 device drivers, and I’ll give them a try this weekend and let you know how I get on.
Bill, I must have put the RIGHT question out on the Forum, because I got a couple of guys (KingFish and phoo) who have had similar experiences with the Audigy 2 SC and also gave me some heads-up about the Creative Asio drivers. It seems that the Audigy SC only works at 24-bit when the sample is set to 96KHz. And there are only two combinations that ever seem to work: 16-bit / using a 48KHz sample or 24 /96.
BTW, the built-in soundcard that I managed to disable is an AC97.

OK, I’ll let you know what happens next.
So watch this space…

Hi MusicMaker:
There’s some clever guys that hang around this Board… They’ll keep you from getting into grief-and-heartache…

I try to pay attention to the threads they reply on. It’s a good way of learning the “Ropes”… around all this DAW Stuff…

They’ve gotten me outta some “sticky” situations over the last few years…

I had both feet on a bannana peal once… I was down for the count… and these guys brought me back…

She’s quite the Board… :O :;):


Hey Bill, you’re getting pretty close to “computer tech” yourself nowadays. I’ve seen you getting stuck into some pretty deep tech threads. Keep at it bud!