What's a good soundcard?

Hi again!

I’ve a AC97 audio soundcard. I think that’s not the best one. There’s a label that showed interest in my demo but I’ve no band to go live. They suggested to hire a band but that’s not what I want. I want a band myself but it’s hard to find one immediatly. Now I’ve the idea that I don’t need a label. I can do it again but than with a better soundcard (other stuff like mic. etc. is already allright) and a better drumcomputer. Does anybody have suggestions for a good soundcard? (would be nice if a soundcard is easy available in Holland)

Thanks Maria! :)

I personally use the M-audio audiophile 24/96, I like the outcome from this sound card.

There are a lot of good sound card makers. Try the following

Aardvark www.aardvarkaudio.com
M-Audio www.maudio.com
EMU www.emu.com
Terratec www.terratec.com
Presonus www.presonus.com
RME www.rme-audio.com
Tascam www.tascam.com
Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) www.motu.com
Edirol www.edirol.com
Echo www.echoaudio.com
Mackie www.mackie.com
ST Audio www.staudio.com

That ought to give you a lot of options to look at.

well, you first need to decide what you’re going to do with. Obviously you want to record, but how many instruments at one time? do you have mic pres? will you need balanced inputs (xlr/trs) or unbalanced(ts/rca)? what’s your realistic price range when you factor in the need for at least one mic preamp?

when you figure these things out, you’ll narrow your search down considerably.

all those above are great choices, but only a few are inexpensive enough to start with.

I’d recommend you look at those first.