What a PITA....

Registering V6 Beta…

Okay so I wanted to hammer my V5 codes in to give V6 a better shakedown without the beeps and boops of the demo thing happening. Unfortunately, I can’t because it says my “Trial Period” has expired. Clicking the “Purchase Now” button takes you to the Fasoft website alright but that’s it. Clicking anywhere else in n-Track either just beeps at you or crashes with a “We’re sorry… n-Track has encountered an error and needs to close.” kind of thing. What’s the trick? (And WHY is there a “trick” in the first place?) This kind of weird anomaly does not inspire confidence! If the installer and registration don’t work properly… (at least it doesn’t require a dongle eh!)

D - frustrated in Alabammy…

PS Please don’t come back at me with, “Uninstall V6, download WXYZ program from goofytools.com, run it, stand on left foot and hop while clucking like a chicken, reinstall V6, throw computer at ceiling, if it sticks, n-Track will now work properly.”

You had ver 5 codes and 6 won’t take them? I’d just email Flavio at info@ntrack.com and let him know.

No Poppa. It won’t let me get near the registration entry dialog. It crashes.


you try new install or revert?



Clicking ANYWHERE just beeps (except the web linked button) until the following pops up…

I’m not so concerned for ME, I could hack away at the registry or whatever and track this thing down and fix it. I have had to do that kind of thing before with different software. I’m more concerned for the first time lookers. They let the “Trial Period” expire and then decide to buy, but they can’t enter their reg codes? This needs fixing BAD! :)


PS This is on my laptop. Fortunately, the “Trial Period” had not expired on my main DAW. I wanna see how it works on the ol’ lappy with the US-122…

PPS This is the 2340 installer BTW…

PPPS Why the “Trial Period”? Isn’t the beep and boop tones every 15-20 seconds enough to encourage one to register?

D - 5 and 6 dont work well together - may have to take out 5 -

if you have 5 codes they should register 6 mine did –
open 6 - help - register - put codes in boxs - thank you for registering -


Thanks M.R. I understand that. :)

This problem occurs if you let the “Trial Period” expire. n won’t LET you open the Help > Register menu. You can’t do anything until POOF! El Carash-o…

I just wanted Flavio to pick up on this scenario before a bunch of people started screaming “I PAID but CAN’T register!!”. You know they will…

Good to see you around M.R. !!


Right-click and “View Image”…

See what I mean? :)


I know from what Falvio has told TomS and I that there are 10’s of thousands of ‘cracked’ versions out there. I wonder if this was an attempt at a fix of some kind?

I am not sure if I can foloow the probelm as you are stating it, so, forgive me if this is what you are already doing - I’m just trying to help.
Any version of Ntrack should uninstall from Windows Control panel. Uninstall version 5. This should work if it is an expired trial or not.
Install version 6 beta by clicking on the install icon.
Go to Help> Register and enter the registration codes for version 5 - they will activate version 6.
If you do not have registration codes for version 5 or 6 then you will get the “beeps” indicating that you have a “trial” version. If you have lost the codes for verion 5 Flavio will send them to you. If you are trying to use the registration that is storerd in Ntrack configuration file, you are out of luck because version 5 now thinks that you have a trial version, ie. that it is not a registered version. You will need the regitration codes to use version 6 as a registered version.

D try this link -


click on the n track icon - this opens the purchase page, went to the credit card page without problems -

did you get that far?


Thanks guys but really… this is THE problem… :)

This problem occurs if you let the “Trial Period” expire. n won’t LET you open the Help > Register menu. You can’t do anything until POOF! El Carash-o…


Clicking anywhere on the n-Track GUI only results in the Windows “BING! I don’t what to so do?” sound. The “Purchase Now” button WILL take you to the web page where you can buy the software. When you have the codes in hand it WILL NOT let you insert them because of the above.

It’s really not a problem here. I don’t really care at this point if I can’t get it work on this laptop. It works okay at home with the same reg codes BUT I did not let the “Trial Period” expire. When/IF all the bugs are ironed out, I will get it working on this laptop. Don’t sweat it for now. :wink:

Poppa W, I don’t blame Flavio at all for wanting to protect his interests! Truth is though ANY software that uses Registration codes WILL BE cracked. It comes down to the integrity of the user. I don’t use cracked software but there are THOUSANDS out there that will…

It’s kind of funny… the Reaper “demo” is fully functional and un-expiring so an unscrupulous person can use it forever without paying for a license. However, a few months ago, a guy on the forum over there posted a link where it had been cracked and you could get registration codes for “free”. :laugh: With excellent software like n and ‘R’ available for very, very reasonable prices, isn’t it worth skipping a trip to the steak house one Friday night to have a clear conscience and support continued development of the software? People are strange… (Hey song idea!.. wait… d#$n! Nevermind…) :laugh:

D - listening to TSO’s “Beethovens Last Night” again. Those guys are great…

2341 is up D, says it fixed your expired crash bug.

n-Track Studio version 6.0 Beta 1 Build 2441 Released - Monday, July 21, 2008 5:49:00 PM EDT, -418946 ms
Automatic recording to new tracks is now disabled when one or more tracks are manually armed for recording, so that if you press record in a blank song the program records all input channels to new tracks, while if you arm one or more tracks of an existing song only the relative inputs are recorded
Fixed ‘Enter registration codes’ box missing from About box
Fixed crash clicking on about box when trial version is expired

So you can use Ver 5 codes during the beta testing?


Grabbin’ it now gents… Curly voice Tanks foi the A-LOIT!


Yep. That did the trick. Thank you Mr. Antonioli!


It only took 2 hours to get your fix - what’s up wit dat?