What could I do w/ 1 smart bomb?


Making posts like that over here will get you a visit from the feds…

Seriously dude…thats not right…despite america’s political differences…let’s try to remember we’re still citizens of the same country.

Here’s some more -

how smart is this smart bomb? Could it get JUST Hillary?

The Secret Service is watching! :cool:

Could it get JUST Hillary?
Probably not :p

Certainly you aren’t saying you would assinate the President or one of the former presidents shown in the picture.

Did I say I wanted to assasinate someone? My political hero’s are in these pictures - do you think I’d want them dead? I was just throwing a bone to my opposition ??? . I thought everyone hated politicians :laugh:

I do…but given that I had a lot of distressed friends over the election…its hard to tell how distressed you are Midnight. :D

anyways…vent away!!! :;):

Oh - I’m distressed but not enough to kill or harm anyone.

Again - for me the issue is not the George Bush got elected, or that John Kerry didn’t get elected, it’s the issue of I don’t like one party, Republican or Democrat, to be in power.

However, I’m hopeful that the Republican party will implode on itself. There’s some indication that this could happen - we’ll have to wait & see.

Smart bomb?

If a bomb was smart, why would it want to explode? ???


Good question! Why would the terminator want to kill itself either?

Good question! Why would the terminator want to kill itself either?

'Cos by being re-built in the USA, it can run for president! :D


a new low Mike, I know you were joking, but please …

Ah come on - you’re no fun! :;):