what mother board for n-track?

upgrade from p3 to p4

I have been running n-track on a pentium III with a 666 cpu.
I want to buy the Emu Emulator Studio X as an interface and sampler to run with N-Track. I have to upgrade as the specs on that say have to have Pentium 4 with 2ghz to run the Emulator. So what is a good p4 motherboard for n-track.
Are raid controllers necessary? How about sata? What type ram is best. I do not want to buy a new computer right now, just upgrade my existing one from p3 to p4. I believe my case will handle it. Also does anyone use the Emu Emulator Studio X, and how is it with N-track. I do not want to quit using N-Track as I love it! Thanks

Here is a link to a review of the Carillon audio computer and this company now offer the Emu cards with their computers so presumably the two work well together.
They use an Intel D875PBZ motherboard or they did in September.


Hope this helps.

Hi ,
I checked their latest advertisment and Carillon are now using the
Intel D925XCV motherboard and are raving about it.


Thanks Nick, the info helps out in making my decision.

I wonder if any N-Track users will be using the Emu Emulator X? We will have to wait and see!