what the *$&%!!!!

why the #### is it that when I come to this forum and try to login, it hardly ever works!!! I login, it says I’m logged in, I’ve allowed cookies for this site, it SHOULD save my login… yet as soon as the “you are now logged in” page goes away, I’m still not logged in. I can go to my account page, logged in there. but if I try and post, I can’t because I’m still a guest. I have to log in like 15 times before eventually it says welcome guitars69 in the corner and I’m good to go.

I even try closing/reopening my browser and it still doesn’t solve it. is it some weird server issue where it has to reset every few minutes or something?

what’s funny is on the main forum page, it’ll even show me as an actively logged in user, but the upper left corner still says login or register.


why is this so random?

I went to answer you rpost and I wasn’t logged in!! :laugh:

Um, how’s your karma, generally? :p

I wish I had an answer for you as I don’t have that problem. Are you using some sort of weird spyware detector deal or popup blocker? One of my clients had an issue like this a week or so back and he was using the Google Accelerator. Any of those things can mess with your browser.

Make sure that you put the “www” before the URL. I used to have problems with that till I updated my bookmark.

I have this as my bookmark:

When I first load the page I’m not logged in, but then I just click on one of the forums and it logs me in automatically…

I’m using Firefox…


I don’t use a bookmark actually. I type in www.fasoft.com every time and then jump to the forum page after checking for updates.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s annoying when I want to respond to something and I have to wait 10 minutes.

anyways, it’s not that big of a deal, I just wanted to vent a little.

Weird! Maybe it’s an issue with the forum being displayed in a frame. You might also try just going to ntrack.com rather than fasoft.com.

How about this no frames version ?


Try clearing all your cookies. Might be something messed up in your cookies.

Every now and then, you just gotta toss your cookies. Just how it is. :p

Everytime I return to the forum, it recognises me OK.

I have noticed that if I hit the Forum button from the left menu, the first forum page that comes up says “Welcome Guest”. I’ve learned to ignore this because as soon as I click into the forum - eg select one of the forums, it immediately recognises me.

So maybe this is what you’re seeing, too. So try just clicking around, without repeating the log-in.

Note that each time you connect from a different browser (or a different computer), you’ll have to re-authenticate. At least, that’s how it seems to me.

yeah I know :) I just logged in and had to restart my browser and I’m logged in. otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to post AGAIN because my cookies suck. :(

I actually use two different computers and have the problem mostly on my laptop. no biggie.