What to do, what to do?

Elaina June’s - I’m Ready - FINAL

Poppa, that’s not a picture of a bumper, it’s a picture of my son’s and my reflection on the bumper!

Off to listen now.

edit: well, I’ve listened, and you know the theology makes me cringe, but it sure is fabulously done.

Tell us again about the mics and mixing and such.

congratulations on the Thoreau approach (“simplify, simplify”). the theology does not make me cringe (heck, i was married to facist and let her live), and the sound is simple and sweet. great stuff. i like teh stuff that doesn’t yearn for commercial/pop appeal.

It’s great Poppa. Very nice job.

If she ever wants to do a full-on, hammer it out there, “CCM” version, let me know. It could be pumped up immensely if so desired. However, it sends an awesome message and sounds great just as is. :agree:


I’m halfway through the pre-production rehearsal with the band on her new project - she wants live, I want studio. we’ll see where it goes. She’s ready. Not sure I am though.

:agree: Hi PW, It sounds real good, sweet voice. I think you should do both; this version and full band. R u playin the guitar? Cool. :)

No guitar in it. It’s a Motif Keyboard. That’s just two tracks. One vocal one keys.

Maybe some light percussion and leave 'er be.