What to do?

I’m using the freeware version of n-Track Studio 4. And I have an integrated sound card. I’ve tried to record acoustic guitar through a mic (SHURE BG 3.1) and all i get is very very weak sound and a lot of shhhhhhhhhhh-sound. I’ve tried mic jack and line-in. Both with maximum volume and with mic boost.


Try recording anything else into those inputs to see if they do alright. There are many different places in the path that could be causing this. First things first is to make sure the mic is working right with your setup.

To use the line in you’ll need a preamp or mixer (best choice) or a mic to line transformer (next best) and adapters. That mic should work into the mic in without a preamp or transformer but the adapter needs to be wired correctly. Mic ins are notoriously noisy so it should be your last resort, though your problem sound different than the typical noisy input.

When you say the volume is up I assume you do mean input volume since you also mention mic boost – mic boost only showing up on the input. That’s one reason I think you already made sure the sound card mixer settings are ok, and why I suspect it’s on the mic side.

Of course it could be a malfunctioning soundcard. Recording anything else will help figure that out.